How to set up  90 days free web hosting at SiteGround with cpanel

How to set up  90 days free web hosting at SiteGround with cpanel

90 days free web hosting at SiteGround with cpanel 

90 days free hosting at SiteGround where you can easily install and play with WordPress and other CMS tools.

SiteGround is one of the highest rated hosting companies currently available. They have inexpensive shared levels all the way up through managed WordPress plans you can use to run multiple Websites and resell hosting to clients.

In this step by step tutorial guide you’ll set up your free hosting account with site ground.

You can use this free account for your learning purpose and for hosting your sites in the future if you choose.

By the end of this tutorial you’ll have your first live Internet hosting account and a place you can use to experiment with sites you build.

Let’s set up your free trial account at SiteGround

Start by visiting the student site at and scroll down to see the student resource page.

student resource page

You can hit this resource page button or the resources button at the top or the bottom of the site and on this Resources page you’ll see that there is a long list of resources and links that lead you to different places.

three months free hosting

If you scroll down near the top click the SiteGround link and it will open up a new tab where there’s a three months free hosting sign up page and you can just click sign up right there.

three months free hosting sign up page

3 months free hosting

Fill out the small amount of details on the form and what you’re getting here is a start up hosting plan at site ground for three months for free.

Over at SiteGround they offer a discount for any period of time you sign up for at once but they don’t offer free trials at site ground.

So this is a special exclusive offer for WordPress students and just go down and the last choice is please enter your domain.

If you do own a domain name that you’d like to use with this hosting account during the process you can activate it with an existing domain you could purchase a domain name right here.

It’s easy enough to activate an account without the domain and you’ll be given a free domain to work with for the course and the length of time that we have the hosting account for.

So just click the box that you’ve confirmed and click pay now which will be zero dollars and let SiteGround set up your hosting account for you.

three months free hosting sign up page


You will receive message “your order was successfully submitted” and you’ll be receiving an email and you can log into the customer area right here to log in to your site.


Now you might want to bookmark this url from SiteGround.

You will receive an email from SiteGround.

Congrats! you are now a SiteGround client.

They will assign you a username and the password is the one that you chose during the sign up process. So make sure you remember that password that you used and use your username that they’ve assigned you.

So here is a complete hosting account creation process. If you want me to create tutorial on “How to setup your own domain name on 90 days free trial at SiteGround” Or “How to install WordPress on SiteGround Hosting Account?”.

Please comment below I will very happy to help you.

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